Saturday, 25 April 2015

Sky Garden

So I've decided I want to explore more places in London. I feel like I live in the city but I don't visit many places. During the week  my colleague and I headed to sky garden for lunch. Prior to this, I heard it was amazing so I wanted to witness it for myself. I believe Sky Garden is on the 38th floor on 20 Fenchchurch street.  Offering a spectacular view of across the city of London. We arrived  in via the express lift to a beautiful landscapes garden with a viewing area, terrace, cafe, bar and restaurant.

Sky garden allowed me to see London in a different view. Facing right at the shards, London Bridge and Saint Paul's. It's an incridible view, in fact breath taking and great for pictures. I had such an amazing time.

It's actually free entry for this month only. So if you want to go just for the view now is the perfect timing. Tickets have to be reserved online and you must bring ID. I must say it's expensive to eat there.  I only ordered sandwich and a drink which came up to £9.  
(Here are pictures from the day)

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