Monday, 6 April 2015

Cocktails at Sushi Samba

Over the bank holiday weekend I went for drinks with work colleagues at sushi Samba in Heron tower. I decided to step out of my black work uniform and glam myself up a little bit. 

Everyone that knows me know that I love a good view, and this place is perfect for that. I'm really scared of heights and It being on the 35th floor is scary. However, I actually enjoyed the adrenaline feeling of being so high,  once I got up there the view was too perfect. 
I've never actually eaten from here before, but the cocktails are amazing. So I can only imagine how tasty the food must be. I do plan on returning for dinner next time. 

Here are pictures from the night: 

The girls and I had so much fun and we plan on returning to sushi samba for another night out.

Thank you for reading 



  1. I'm definitely going to Sushi Samba the next time I visit London! Everybody is raving about this place, I can't wait to try it out.
    Love your outfit :) x

  2. u look gorg

  3. Still haven't been to Sushi Samba!
    This view is divine