Friday, 12 December 2014

Wardrobe Essentials: Coats

Oversize is beautiful this winter! 

The oversize cotton coat is everything this winter, as seen all over the runway many celebrities have been sporting it from the lights of Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Ciara and many more. The oversize silhouettes takes a cue from the men's coat silhouette.  Although the oversize coat have been trending for almost a year now, I think now it's all about the more fitted with streamline silhouette.  I love that these coats can be dressed up or down.


I fell in love with the oversize coat from the moment I saw Kim Kardashian wear hers on instagram, I knew I wanted to try it. In my opinion she wears it the best and it very much looks well put together at all times. However, while you may be thinking only celebrities with slim waist and toned bodies could wear these coats, I am telling you otherwise. No matter your shape or size, when styled correctly anyone could wear the oversize coat.

When I purchased my oversize coat from Missguided I knew to go for a smaller size (10)  than my usual size (12). I paid close attention to the shoulder seam, I did not want it to fall more than two inches below my shoulders as I'm very petite.

 I would advice you to wear perhaps bodycon or slimming pieces underneath to help balance the coat, if you follow me on Instagram you'ill see that I wore mine with black slim jeans and a black turte neck jumper. Also, because most of these coats are very long, if you are petite like myself then I would advice you to wear heels. This way you will give your self some added height which will help lengthen your silhouette in order to provide a sense of proportion.

Find you perfect oversize coat below by clicking on the shop names, its a direct link. Time to shop!

image1xl.jpg (290×370)
Asos - £110
c3107863_lillian_10.11.14_aj_0015-1.jpg (1160×1680)
 Missguided £69.99
hmprod (972×1137)
H&M  £79.99
c3106747_cindym_01.12.14_sp_1041.jpg (1160×1681)
Missguided £69.99
hmprod (972×1137)
H&M  £69.99
Hobbs cream Loretta Waterfall Coat, Lace Dress, Agatha Brogues
Hobbs £479.00

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  1. ahhhh cant get enough of these winter coats !! I bought the missguided one last month and i must say its great for the price :)