Monday, 1 September 2014

Garden of Eden

Hey everyone! 
I headed out for lunch close to the south of Congo in a restaurant called Garden of Eden. It's such a beautiful place and I had a good time. The restaurant is situated by a river, the view was amazing. I really liked the food, it was lovely but very expensive. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of my food as I was very hungry lol I apologies. However, I managed to take pictures of my outfit and the location. I hope you enjoy :) 

After lunch I headed to the city where I came across this painting in Bon Marche. I immediately fell in love it, as it summaries life in Congo. This painting really speaks loud to me because it's so realistic, Congolese people work so hard, everyone is selling something to make a living. I really admire that about them, despite all they are strong. I don't know who the artist is but I love his work. 
I also visited Boulevard Patrice Lumumba.  My favourite politician in the history of Congo. He was one of the youngest leaders who genuinely wanted the best for Congo. He fought for what was right and mostly important the population. He was assinated in 1961 and his body was never found. 

                 The stadium 

          Thank you for reading 
                   Edwige xox 


  1. You look great in those shorts, hope you enjoyed the meal.



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  3. You look great, i always wanted to visit congo one day, when am done with school i will travel the world. Btw i am following so plz follow back.