Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My Favourite Nude Lipsticks

Hello guys! I hope you're having a lovely week so far. Today I want to talk to you about my favourite lipsticks. I haven't shared  my favourite beauty products that I enjoy using yet. Some of you may already know I hardly wear colour on my lips, to be fair I mainly wear lip gloss. However, when I feel like wearing lipstick, I mostly reach out for my nudes. It wasn't up until 2-3 years ago I started wearing lipstick. Before that in my opinion I felt that lipsticks were too bold, and perhaps too grown up for me. But then I realized how much fun a lipstick can add to a face. I started playing around with it, to begin with I started with nude shades as I felt it's easy to work with.

I like to keep my make up and lips very soft, relaxed and neutral.  However, when I'm feeling naughty I tend to go for brighter lipsticks. I just love the way nudes look on me. Many may say nudes are only in season during Spring/Summer, but I tend to wear them all year round. 

When selecting your lipstick, choosing the right type is as important as choosing colours that are flattering on the lips. 

I want to discuss the types of lipsticks, so let's go. 

Moisturising Lipstick Is actually my favourite type of lipstick. I like rich and creamy lipsticks because it appears as if I'm wearing a very thick lip gloss. I like my lips to appear hydrated rather than dry.  I believe the moisture lipstick contains ingredients such as Aloe, Glycerin and Vitamin E to help keep the lips soft. However, because these types of lipsticks are high in moisture it may need to be reapplied more than other types. 

Satin and Sheer Lipsticks are also another good choice for dry lips, in my opinion. This type is also high in moisture because they contain a high concentration of oil, therefore these lipsticks create a shiny and glossy finish. I also find these lipsticks tend to appear a lot more darker in the tube than they actually look on the lips. Similar to the Moisturising lipsticks, this type must also be reapplied more.

Creme and Matte Lipsticks  I Find these two types belong within the same family.  They contain more wax and pigment than other varieties, which helps protect the lips. However, it caused the lips to feel dry. The finish also has less shine. When I use this type of lipstick I always tend to use a gloss base such as Carmex as I find it extremely  moisturizing  to the lips. 

The lipsticks I have listed below are all moisturizing because that's the type I personally prefer to use. Before applying these lipsticks sometimes I use a brown lip pencil to prevent the edges of my lips looking milky.  Also it helps the lipsticks to blend in well. 

Clockwise from left:
•Maybeline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in 721 Pinky Beige. My absolutely favourite  £6.
I guarantee you will fall in love with this lipstick, not only the shade is amazing but the formula is beautiful, it applies very smooth. It has has a glossy finish that I love. 

•Mac lipstick in Jubilee  £15.50.
I love that it has a glossy finish that means you can skip the gloss if you wish so. 

•Mac Lipstick in Hug Me £15.50. this has to be my favourite Mac Nude lipstick, once applied it has a moisture and glossy finish. I find this one is a lot more long lasting than Jubilee (the lipstick mentioned above). 

•Rimmel London Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in 03. £5.49.
This one is a creamy beige formula and it lasts up to 8 hours.

What are your favourites? And do you know of any dupes I should try? :)

Thank you for reading

Edwige Malembe


  1. I have pinky beige and I love it. The Kate Moss one looks really nice too.

  2. You should try Revlon's Chocolate Velvet. Love it <3

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. I will definitely give it a try.Thank you

  3. I love the Kate Moss lipstick