Monday, 7 July 2014

All About My Hair!!

Hello there! Today's post is all about my curly hair!

Many have asked me about my hair, so today I'm telling you all about it. I wanted to do something new  because I wanted a new look. I was tired of Brazilian hair and I wanted something different. I didn't matter if it was human hair or synthetic. So went I for the Kanubia hair from Pak Hair Shop in Finsbury park. (Below is the hair packet)

I wasn't too sure it would suit me at first, but my sister convinced  me to go ahead with it. At first if I'm honest, I really didn't like it. As I got used to it, it grew on me. Now I must say I love it, although it's synthetic hair it's really soft, but like every other hair it sheds. I feel the more old and rough it gets the better. Although I'm due to take it out now I must say it still looks good.

To help the hair look better and healthy I trimmed it, mainly from the sides and the back.  I didn't want it to all be the same length and I wanted more volume. 


Since the hair is synthetic after a while it tends to feel and look rough. so to maintain a healthy look, I sometimes put leave in conditioner to soften it up. After I use my fingers to comb and spread the hair. If your looking to do this hair or anything similar, I say go for it because it's so easy to maintain.


Like I mentioned above the hair is from Pak Hair Shop in Finsbury Park, and it's retailed for £6 for each packet if I'm correct. It's definitely no more than than that.


  1. I like your kinky hair !
    Me too when I go to London I always buying hair in shop in Finsbury Park
    Bisou from Paris

  2. I absolutely love it and I'm looking to do a protective style for the end of summer. Do you have any of your own hair left out? I'm looking for a style that will look natural even without leaving any of my hair out since I have so much heat damage in my bang area. I want to give my entire head a nice break!

  3. Love this hair on you! and you are GLOWINGGGG! mwaww xx

  4. It doesn't even look like synthetic hair and suits u a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Your hair is amazing, looks so natural too. Wish I could get something like that over here in Bangkok.

  6. I used that same hair not too long ago..its amazing how great it looks being that its synthetic hair! Definitely a favorite of mine..looks great on you!

  7. Thank you very much ladies. I definitely recommend it. x