Friday, 2 May 2014

Tom Kilbey launches "Merge LDN"

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Today's post is very different than usual, I met up with Tom Kilbey to talk about his fashion line Merge LDN.  Some of you might recognize Tom from the reality show The Only way is Essex.Tom's fashion line launches today, we are very excited to see what he has been working on. Tom's fashion line is inspired by 'street style' he loves the layback style with an edge. This pretty much summarizes his t-shirts, He also mentioned that he loves monochrome and very simple designs. 

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So Tom how was the whole Towie experience for you?
Towie was cool while it lasted, I got the opportunity to meet so many people some I'm still in contact with. It's an experience that I will take to my grave.  
What inspired you to start Mereg LDN?
My love for street wear really. Also I'm inspired by the Japanese street wear and a bit of the contemporary Parisian design and a retro nob to early 60's West coast surf culture. The range at the moment is put together at a small capsule but regardless to the fact that there is a strong identity within its staples pieces. It's important to me that there's a real attention to detail when manufacturing and I don't compromise quality. 
What do you prefer high end or high street?
I love mixing high street with high end. It's not about spending loads of money on clothes as long as you make it look good. 
What's the most you've ever spent on clothing? 
The most I've ever spend has to be £300 on Armani jeans. Which doesn't even fit me anymore. I've only worn it twice and now it's too small for me now (he laughs). 

How many pairs of trainers do you own? 
I  own about 150 pairs maybe even more. I only wear them seasonal, whatever I wear the most I usually have it out on display in my closet. I love trainers, I'm all about being comfortable and looking cool. 

Do you get your trainers custom made? 
I  like waiting for the launches, I don't like having the same trainers as everyone. I  also like classics like today I'm wearing Air Forces. I like to be the first to get hold of exclusive trainers, it excites me to know that know one else has them.

Anyway, we are here to talk about Merge LDN! Are you excited to launch? 
Yes! I'm very excited, I've got all my friends on board and receiving great support from everyone so it's all good. It's been really good and excited bringing my idea to life, although I've never done fashion my whole life and I didn't  know much about it. I've always loved it because I like to look nice. I'm learning so much about pattern cuts and measurements which I didn't know much about before.
Did anyone help you bring your idea into life? 
No because I believe you have to do things by yourself to get the exactly what you want. Only at the start then you can get help after. There's always a problem when you go to someone else first they might not understand your idea therefore they can't bring that idea to life, only you can. 
Will you be moving forward to other footwear, socks, jeans etc? 
Yes most definitely! But before that I just want to build up and find out who I am because I'm still growing and being inspired by other things.
Check out Tom's website for further details regarding his clothing line by clicking HERE

Thank you so much Tom for taking time out to meet me and the team, once again congratulation with the line. We wish you all the best.

Special thank you to Aybea Ashong, Deola Adebayo and Elliot Hall for making this happen.

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